We believe that pollution and global gridlock are not only threatening our welfare, but are ultimately threatening people’s freedom of mobility.

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Because in 2050, there will be 4 billion cars in the streets, and even if they are all powered by clean energies, it will still create a massive traffic jam. We believe that the future of mobility will rise from the water, a natural, historic path in the cities that has been underrated for a long time.


We open waterways for everybody, all around the world, by creating a new way to move people on waterways at car speed, for the price of a regular cab, with no impact on the environment nor on the cities’s infrastructure.

The FlyBus arrière
Alain Thebault


Inventor of the Hydroptère and the SEABUBBLES, Alain devotes his life to his biggest dream: making a boat fly on the water.

During the summer 2015, he crossed the Pacific between Los Angeles and Honolulu to meet Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse plane.

On the pontoons, his three daughters were waiting for him:
” beating speed records is great but it would be awesome to make everyone fly “. The idea was born.